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"Gaslight, Gatekeep, Squirrelboss!"
- Tagline

A young squirrel named Cathy starts her first day at Lemonade High, an all-girls performing arts school, and joins the school's elite popular girl clique, the Queens. I mean, everyone's been to high school! And besides, it's only one year there as a senior, nothing's gonna go wrong...Right?

Pink Panties is for queers, anarchists, queer anarchists, fuzzy animal petters, Machine Girl listeners, bimbos, himbos, thembos, fat pussy havers, fat bussy havers, Flipnote Studio mourners, Youtube Poop connoisseurs, plastic surgery disasters, anyone who got their ears pierced at Claire’s, sparkledogs, flip phone fetishists, pool ladder removers and girls who fall asleep to serial killer documentaries.

…Do you dare to click the link and enter the Pink?

Content Warnings

► Bigotry
► Bullying
► Dark Humor
► Drug Use
► Mental Illness/Trauma
► Nudity and Sex
► Outdated/Offensive Language
► Violence/Cartoon Gore

About the Author

I’m RockCandy! Long time animal in shirts enthusiast and professional idiot scene kid you would've blocked back in the day, my specialty is screaming and flailing until eventually a 2000sy piece pops out. Also, I coded this site!