☥ About Dancing with the Dead ☥

The year is 1975, and a ragtag group of undead try to navigate the mess of decadence that is the English Vampire Society.

Dancing with the Dead is an adult webcomic created by yours truly. After three years of development, it launched on January 14 2022 and has been going strong since. It's a blend of character relationships, spooky hijinks and undead tiddy action.

The comic also has several side pages for you to satiate your thirst with.

☥ F.A.Q. ☥

  • What genre is this?
    Trash! Filth! Debauchery!

  • What software do you use?
    Medibang Pro.

  • Do you feature guest comics?
    Not for time-being.

  • Can I create art of these characters?
    Yes, absolutely.

  • What inspired this comic?
    A myriad of things. Underground Comix, 20th century British comedies, Hammer Horror, Hanna Barbera and Edward Gorey.

☥ About the Author ☥

I am Pearlnight, but you can also call me Pearl or Sanguine. My primary artistic endeavour is the webcomic you see before you, which serves as my love-letter to the vampire genre. My art is derived from my love of darkness and my experiences with neurodivergence, trauma, psychosis, and my repressed feelings. I invite you to interpret me through my art; and make of me what you will.

You can also visit my personal website at Pearlnight.org

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