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Welcome to the world of Dancing with the Dead. Here lies a webcomic about vampire secret-societies, and one ragtag gang of undead trying to make sense of it all. It’s raunchy, it’s reanimated, and it’s one batty ride.

This website was originally meant for desktop, but has since undergone renovations to make it responsive for mobile. It’s also a perpetual work-in-progress, so expect to see ideas come and go over time. This place is currently being handled by my slave for all eternity familiar, Rock Candy, so give him your thanks for this…fangtastic interface.

With this said…do we dare to descend into the depths of this digital dungeon?

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I am sadly not an undead ghoul, but actually, a mortal being…with a birthday. I turned 23 today and I’m here to show off some gifts my lovely friends made!


Crystin’s just doing her thing and chilling in a calm purple void, as she deserves; the poor thing’s a ball of anxiety in 95% of her canon appearances.


Because vampires don’t do birthday cakes. They do birthday steaks with a little Will O’ the Wisp “fire” on top.


An incredibly informative video dissecting the numerous character flaws of August and Horace, the ramifications of immortality on the ex-human psyche and how this reflects in their actions.